Axiatonal Alignment (i.e. Energy Medicine) accesses higher dimensional energies to affect healings and evolutionary shifts in the body, mind, and soul. The process allows this energy to engage with your energy and activates a great number of acupuncture points, meridians, and other energy centers in the body bringing them into a higher frequency and a new level of integration.

Energy Medicine reconnects the acupuncture meridians to the energy grid (known as axiatonal lines) of the Earth and cosmos, and enhances your ability to spontaneously draw in higher frequency energies; this results in the renewal of your body and greatly improves the integration of body, mind, and soul. This energy realignment helps to alleviate feelings of anxiety, fear, stress, depression, and emotional instability, and can also be beneficial for people who have undergone traumas—such as losing a loved one or being diagnosed with a serious illness.

Over time, Axiatonal Alignment initiates a new internal process of personal and spiritual growth, increased awareness, and abilities to facilitate that growth and personal transformation. Research on energy transmission and its benefits have been carried out at facilities such as Jackson Memorial Hospital, UCLA, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, the US Department of Veteran Affairs, and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.