The Erchonia Laser is a safe and effective FDA-approved clinical tool that produces a gentle red coherent light, initiating a beneficial biochemical response in the body. This tool is especially effective in promoting healing of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, the releasing of endorphins, repairing injuries, strengthening the immune system, and alleviating pain.

Dr. Herbert Frohlich discovered that each tissue or organ has a specific frequency that regulates important cell functions such as protein synthesis and cellular division (i.e. mitosis). When there is a small disturbance in this energy, adjacent cells will reset the affected cells. However, stability can be lost after a significant amount of cells have been energetically disturbed, thus causing tissue malfunction.

Low-level laser therapy increases cellular energy, allowing for healing and regeneration by delivering electrons to mitochondria, which feed the electron transport chain, therefore making the nucleotide ATP. It also helps to restore cellular communication for proper and efficient organ function.

The use of Erchonia Lasers has been found to increase the speed of healing by up to 15%, as well as increase proliferation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes while increasing microcirculation to heal post-operative wounds and decrease potential neuropathies. In a double-blind study, the Erchonia Laser yielded a 60% average decrease in overall pain, while concomitantly increasing range of motion both actively and passively.

This powerful healing tool can result in miraculous changes to increase the humanality of patients who otherwise may not have been considered assistable.